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Navigating the path of philanthropy has become trickier, as the sector reexamines how it can best be of service in the face or rapidly changing domestic and global landscapes. While many of the operational fundamentals that nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs need to know can be taught academically, the keys to philanthropic engagement come most successfully from the philanthropic community. Virtual Philanthropy Conduit brings the insights from philanthropy directly to the change agents who most need them. 

Virtual Philanthropy offers a range of resources to nonprofits, from podcasts with members of the philanthropic community who explain how would-be grant seekers should prepare themselves for engagement, from how to make contact for funding and what they need to say and do in order to be successful, to various tangible resources given directly from donors. Virtual Philanthropy Conduit takes this impact several steps forward by teaching real-world skills in an interactive hands-on approach, while connecting nonprofits and donors in a meaningful way.


Virtual Philanthropy Conduit teaches in-depth learning sessions on donor engagement led by instructors with significant grantmaking experience. We work with institutions such as universities, fellowships, accelerators, and incubators to tailor a curriculum for the level and needs of the participants. From a two-hour course to a week-long workshop with an opportunity to be mentored by current members of philanthropy, Virtual Philanthropy Conduit prepares nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs for how to find success in the philanthropic space.

Most donors want to serve as a resource for nonprofits, but fear being overwhelmed. Virtual Philanthropy Conduit gives donors the ability to be involved in shaping the fundraising process for nonprofits without the inundation. Our entire curriculum has been formed through key advice from domestic and international donors of all sizes, as well as nonprofit feedback on what they want most to learn in the process of relationship-building.

Regardless of the size or format (virtual or in-person), each session is taught with extensive group and individual attention in order to focus on the specific problem areas of each participant. Virtual Philanthropy Conduit complements the lessons taught institutionally with real-world application.  Every phase of relationship-building is covered.

Just as Virtual Philanthropy Conduit does not apply a one size fits all approach to our teaching model, our fee structure is set up in the same spirit. To discover how we can best suit your needs, contact us for more information. 

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