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Community View

Community View allows local nonprofit leaders to set—or reset—the narrative on their community's needs and potential. Sometimes lost in the various statistics and metrics on a community are the actual heartbeats of that community, the people who are surviving, thriving, suffering, innovating, and securing the future of the place they call home.

Nonprofit leaders at the community level rarely have an opportunity to speak openly on the state of their communities without having to worry about either dissuading possible donors or disenfranchising their own community members.


Community View lets grassroots and CBO leaders offer an honest assessment of the work they do, but with a candid and authentic focus on the importance of where this work is happening. Contributors will share insights into their communities while also addressing perceptions—and misconceptions—from those on the outside looking in.


While contributions will appear in English, contributing leaders from around the globe will be providing their perspectives in the language of their communities and translated for a wider audience. Where applicable, there will be links to the original text.

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