About Virtual Philanthropy

Virtual Philanthropy is a guided tour for nonprofits looking to understand the steps they should take in order to get in front of and, eventually get funding from foundations and donors. The tour guides here are various members of the philanthropic sector, from individual donors to gatekeepers of funds.


Each podcast has a different member of philanthropy explaining in detail how they can be found, what they want to hear and see, and finally what moves an organization from consideration to partnership. Throughout the podcast, guests offer vital advice both specifically to their own institutions and more generally with others in the space.  Donors are also invited to take questions from nonprofits who are currently seeking a partnership or have tried unsuccessfully.

The ultimate goal of Virtual Philanthropy is to better inform the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors on how we make stronger partnerships. ​In addition to the podcast, we invite listeners to leave feedback on the site to foster continued conversations. We also have a page listing calls for proposals to the donors and foundations who have been and will be featured in our virtual tours. There is also a section to follow up on the shameless plugs our donors offer during the podcast conversations. We want Virtual Philanthropy to not just be a learning opportunity, but a value add for everyone involved.

About the Host

EJ Jacobs is the host and Managing Director of Virtual Philanthropy, a resource center and podcast series that details the entire process of philanthropic engagement directly from members of philanthropy. Jacobs has spent a decade in philanthropy, working to help the sector realize the power of all its resources beyond the financial. Jacobs was the Program Director of the Nduna Foundation, where he oversaw the foundation’s philanthropic giving and partnerships, with a focus on Human Rights in conflict and post-conflict regions, predominantly in Africa. Jacobs is also the author of the critically acclaimed The Conversation: Candid Perspectives and Advice on Fundraising Shared By Donors and Nonprofits.