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About Virtual Philanthropy

Virtual Philanthropy is a relationship-building resource hub heavily driven by members of the donor community who are determined to demystify the grantmaking process. Although relationship building is only one element of the grantmaking process, there are several components to it. Virtual Philanthropy aims to address as many as possible in a comprehensive and nuanced way for both sides.

Our resources include:

  • Donor-led podcasts speaking directly to how nonprofits should engage and what to expect during the process.


  • Nonprofit-led podcasts from established nonprofits on how they successfully built relationships to ensure the stability of their work on the ground.


  • The Clarity Fund: targeted grants and direct donor feedback to reward and assist nonprofits in developing concise presentations of their work and impact.


  • Updated Requests for Proposals (RFPs) listed on our social media

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Our services include:

  • Education: Our workshops and courses are designed to answer tough questions about fundraising, assess deficits in pitches and present opportunities for in person practice with members of philanthropy.


  • Facilitation: Whether in a philanthropic or nonprofit (or mixed) setting, Virtual Philanthropy provides focus and clarity in a format created to be both impactful and memorable.


  • Consultation: We provide top quality results that amplify impact in a lasting and meaningful way. Virtual Philanthropy is built on the goal to improve the effectiveness of philanthropy’s reach.

About The Founder


EJ Jacobs is the Chief Strategist and podcast moderator of Virtual Philanthropy. Capitalizing on over a decade of experience, EJ has worked with donors and nonprofits alike to amplify impact and strengthen relationships in a way that never loses focus on the ultimate reason these sectors exist.


During his time as a Program Director of a philanthropic foundation, EJ leveraged in-house funding into tens of millions of dollars of additional funds for nonprofits and initiatives. As a facilitator, he has been heralded for his unique approach to bringing deeper meaning and results to each convening, with groups ranging from SMEs to international philanthropic leaders. As a coach and trainer, he has helped leaders of several startups and grassroots organizations finetune their pitches that led to an immediate affect on their fundraising and grantmaking strategies.


EJ Jacobs is the author of the critically acclaimed The Conversation: Candid Perspectives and Advice on Fundraising Shared By Donors and Nonprofits.

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