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Clarity Hub, including Clarity Fund)


The Clarity Fund aims to promote and reward storytelling above the usual pitch. The fund is geared towards small and startup nonprofits that have successfully developed clear messaging around the importance of the work they do to their communities and its significance beyond. Clarity Fund does this by bringing donors and nonprofits together in comprehensive and collaborative ways.


Philanthropic donors often stress to would-be grantees the importance of matching the impact of the organization with the impact of its presentation. However, nonprofits—especially grassroots organizations—rarely, if ever, receive any type of feedback on their presentations, from format to content. In what may feel like a crowded field, access to philanthropic funds can come down to a first impression. 

The Clarity Fund offers nonprofits a unique opportunity for real-world feedback from the philanthropic sector without the pressure of jeopardizing a potential funding relationship. Nor does the process require much of an organization's valuable time.

Our review panel is compiled of current and previous members of philanthropy, as well as nonprofit leaders who have led organizations to millions of dollars in funding. The panel shares the same commitment to providing smaller and newer nonprofits with the insight crucial for success during the early stages fundraising.


The Process

During the application window, nonprofits will be invited to send an email to Clarity Fund. Emails must only include:

  • One introductory paragraph that explains what the organization does. This can be copied from existing programmatic materials.

  • A second paragraph that illustrates the impact of what a $4000 USD unrestricted grant would have on the organization. If the amount is not enough to make much of an impact, your organization may be too big for Clarity Fund.

  • A link to the organizational website, if available.


Nonprofits without websites are invited to attach one of the following:

  • Concept note

  • Annual report

  • Infograph

  • Presentation deck saved as a PDF

Nonprofits can submit applications in English, Spanish and French.

Applicants will be assessed on how well they articulate their mission, the context for the reason why their work is needed, and its impact. The organizational website or supplementary material will also play a determining factor.


Please visit for more instructions. Thank you.

Resources Awarded

Clarity Fund is designed to be more than just a direct financial award. Based on conversations and ideating with dozens of small and grassroots organizations, it is clear that donor input is almost as important, if not more so in some cases, than donor funds.


Successful applications will receive rewards based on strong nonprofit feedback and gracious donor community assistance.


Submissions will be reviewed by current and former members of philanthropy, as well as leaders of major nonprofit organizations.


Rewards include:

  • Grants up to $4000 USD

  • Direct pitch practice with donors

  • A chance to be featured in a media spotlight with our

  • Additional key feedback on applications that can be used in future applications

  • Referrals to aligned philanthropic resources

Depending on the volume, submissions that are unsuccessful in receiving top awards will still receive feedback from our review panel. Because of this, submissions will be capped at the capacity of our review panel. If this capacity is reached, the overflow will immediately placed at the front of the queue for the next cycle of Clarity Fund giving.

The goal of the Clarity Fund is to make this process both, simple and beneficial for all who apply.

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