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Virtual Philanthropy Conduit


Virtual Philanthropy Conduit brings the insights from philanthropy directly to the change agents who need it most. Virtual Philanthropy offers a range of resources to nonprofits, from podcasts with members of the philanthropic community who explain how would-be grant seekers can contact them for funding and what they need to say and do in order to be successful, to various tangible resources given straight from donors. Virtual Philanthropy Conduit takes this impact several steps forward by teaching real-world skills in an interactive hands-on approach, while connecting nonprofits and donors in a meaningful way.

Conduit: Next Gen

For learning institutions including universities, fellowships, and accelerators.

Conduit: Direct

For nonprofits leaders and development staff looking to improve donor engagement.

Conduit: Consult

For donors and nonprofits looking to amplify their impact with our expertise.

Meet Our Donor Tour Guides

Karen Ansara

Episode 2 cover.png

In 2010 Karen cofounded the Haiti Fund with TBF, which made grants in HAITI for five years, and then evolved into the Haiti Development Insitute (HDI.) She serves on the boards of HDI, MCE Social Capital, and the Millennium Campus Network and is an advisor to the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, the Irish International Immigrant Center, and Boston University’s Pardee School for Global Studies.

Sara Miers

Episode 2 cover.png

Sarah is an Investment Principal at the Mulago Foundation. Her work at Mulago is focused on growing and supporting a portfolio of social investments (grants, debt and equity) in high-impact organizations with a scalable model to meet the basic needs of the poor. She joined Mulago from the Skoll Foundation, where she sourced and evaluated candidates for the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship and worked closely with previous winners to identify new investment opportunities.

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