Maya Winkelstein

CEO - Open Road Alliance

Maya Winkelstein is the CEO of Open Road Alliance, a philanthropic and investment initiative offering fast, flexible funding via loans and charitable grants to help nonprofits and social enterprises overcome obstacles to impact.


Karen Ansara

Philanthropist - New England International Donors

In late 2008 Karen cofounded New England International Donors (NEID). With her husband, Jim, she makes grants to end global poverty and promote global health primarily in Haiti via the Ansara Family Fund at TBF. 


Ken Goody

Foundation Executive - Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation

Ken Goody has over 25 years of experience with private and family foundations, financial and nonprofit institutions with activities including grantmaking and philanthropy and strategic development.


Sarah Miers

Investment Principal - Mulago Foundation

Sarah Miers of the Mulago Foundation gives insight on what it takes to become a Mulago fellow, as well as what start up organizations should know before reaching out to donors.


Nina Blackwell

Executive Director - Firelight Foundation

Nina Blackwell is the Executive Director of the Firelight Foundation, donor-enabled philanthropic fund which allows individual and foundation donors to support catalytic community-based organizations in Africa that are working to build smart, sustainable and scalable solutions to the challenges faced by children and youth.


Susan Treadwell

Deputy Director - Open Society Initiative for Europe

Susan Treadwell is the Deputy Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, where she oversees the foundation’s grant making activities in the European Union.


Tessa Zimmerman & Abhinav Khanal

Program Directors - Little Big Fund

Tessa Zimmerman and Abhinav are Program Officers for the Little Big Fund, which, in addition to grants, offers a 40-hour course for social impact leaders to gain practical fundraising and grant writing skills, network connections, and micro-grants to launch their ventures. To date, LBF has provided more than 40K in micro-grants...


Julie Broome

Director - Ariade Network

Julie Broome is director of Ariadne, a network of European funders supporting human rights and social change.  Ariadne has over 550 members representing around 170 foundations across 23 countries.


Swatee Deepak

Executive Director - With and For Girls

Swatee is the Director of With and For Girls Collective a unique donor collective focused on increasing resources to adolescent girls around the world.



Virtual Philanthropy is a guided tour for nonprofits looking to understand the steps they should take in order to get in front of and, eventually get funding from foundations and donors





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