No matter what anyone says, there is no magic way to get donors to fund a nonprofit.


However, there are many things that can be done to put an organization in the best position to succeed when engaging potential donors.


Virtual Philanthropy will offer full day Pitch Boot Camps in select cities. Presented from the philanthropic perspective, this comprehensive course will go beyond the surface to focus specifically on what donors want to hear and need to know in order to turn an introduction into a relationship.


The Pitch Boot Camp has been formed through key advice from domestic and international donors of all sizes, as well as nonprofit feedback on what they want most to learn in the process of pitching and relationship building.

Key areas of emphasis will be:

  • The introduction

  • The short pitch

  • The long pitch

  • The written solicitation

  • The mistakes to avoid and how to recover

  • The follow up


During each Pitch Boot Camp, attendees will have significant group and one-on-one attention given to their specific trouble spots with engagement.


There is also an opportunity for additional one-on-one mentoring onsite with donors and much more.


Due to the intimate nature of the Pitch Boot Camp, available spots are limited. Early sign up allows us the ability to tailor participant experience even more to specific organizational and individual needs.

Note: A small number of seats will be reserved at a discounted rate for nonprofits of a smaller size and budget.  If your organization has an annual budget of $100,000 or less, please go to the Contact page and use that form instead of the Registration form.


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Virtual Philanthropy is a guided tour for nonprofits looking to understand the steps they should take in order to get in front of and, eventually get funding from foundations and donors





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