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Swatee Deepak

Executive Director - With and For Girls

The Executive Director of With and For Girls walk us through the power and limitations of one time award grants, as well as how to go about applying for them. We also discuss the false perceptions, as well as the benefits of supporting girl-led initiatives. Swatee is the Director of With and For Girls Collective a unique donor collective focused on increasing resources to adolescent girls around the world. Swatee was previously Director of Stars Foundation, a private philanthropic Foundation focused on funding grassroots organisations working with children and young people around the world, founded by an entrepreneurial philanthropist. With and for Girls recognises girl-led and girl-centered organisations around the world by awarding them with flexible funding, raising the profile of their work, amplify their voices, and support them to improve their capacity and access further funding and opportunities for collaboration. Girls from their network have final decision-making power on which organisations receive funding. They hold the knowledge of how organisations and movements work and are at the heart of communities around the world and know how best to support the advancement of girls in the face of extremely challenging circumstances and pervasive discrimination. Participation is a right and we want our work to reflect it.

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