Susan Treadwell

Deputy Director - Open Society Initiative for Europe

Deputy Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, Susan Treadwell walks us through the necessary steps it takes to get noticed and funded by her foundation. Treadwell also offers insight into active fundraising and contacting potential donors. Susan Treadwell is the Deputy Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, where she oversees the foundation’s grant making activities in the European Union. She joined the Open Society Foundations in 2003 and managed the Human Rights and Governance Grants Program’s funding in Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans, which consisted predominantly of institutional support to human rights and anti-corruption watchdog NGOs using advocacy and strategic litigation to promote systemic reform. In addition to fundamental rights concerns, Treadwell’s substantive focus is on freedom of information and accountable governance.



Virtual Philanthropy is a guided tour for nonprofits looking to understand the steps they should take in order to get in front of and, eventually get funding from foundations and donors





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